Bouldering Routes


Sleepwalker (Red Rocks)
Box Therapy (Wild Basin) 2nd Ascent
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Chaos)


Insurgency (Joe’s Valley)
Squoze (Red Rocks)
Trieste Sit (Red Rocks)
The Nest (Red Rocks)
Pegasus (Joe’s Valley) First Ascent
Paint It Black (RMNP)
Echalo (Clear Creek Canyon) First Ascent
White Noise (Wild Basin)


Direct North (Bishop)
Trieste (Red Rocks)
Meadowlark Lemon Right (Red Rocks) Post Break FA
Attrition (Moes Valley)
The Beach (Moes Valley)
Spirit Walker (Ogden)
Bling (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Show Your Scars (Ogden)
Echale (Clear Creek Canyon)
Mind to Motion (Elkland)
Memory is Parallax (Elkland)
Muscle Car (Scoop)
La Plancha (Flatirons)
Death Star Stand (Eldora)
Hailstorm (Ogden) First Ascent
Crème De la Crumb (Mt Evans)
Epidote (Wild Basin)
Two Ton Skeleton (Chaos)
Dicktopia Stand (Dick)


Direction (Bishop)
The Swarm (Bishop)
Social Distortion (Bishop
Hagakure low (Index)
Nocturnal Emissions (Red Rocks)
Kingslayer low (Snohomish) First Ascent
Shelter (Squamish)
Blackout (Joe’s Valley)
Black Lung (Joe’s Valley
Masterpiece (Joe’s Valley)
Mask of God (Joe’s Valley)
Slasher (Joe’s Valley)
Meadowlark Lemon Sit (Red Rocks)
Magic Touch (Moe’s Valley)
Meatbag (Moe’s Valley)
Meadowlark Lemon Right Stand (Red Rocks) Post Break FA
The Nest Stand (Red Rocks)
Booka Booka Booka (Moes Valley)
Force of Nature (Moes Valley)
Pagan Poetry Low (Joe’s Valley)
Ragnorak (Ogden)
Top Shelf SDS (Joe’s Valley)
Epochalypse (Flagstaff)
Flux For Life (RMNP)
Chimichanga direct (Scoop)
Euro Roof Low (White Pine)
Firestorm (Ogden)
Top Notch (Chaos)
Don’t Get Too Greedy (Chaos)


The Aquarium (Bishop)
Kill Onsight (Bishop)
A Scanner Darkly (Bishop)
Bubba Lobotomy (Bishop)
He Got Game (Bishop)
The Mandala (Bishop)
All of the Above (Index)
Hagakure (Index)
Toebriosity (Index)
Atlas Shrugged (Red Rocks)
Wet Dreams (Red Rocks)
Lethal Design (Red Rocks)
Abbadon (Red Rocks)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Squamish)
The Method (Squamish)
Cotton Pony Low (Leavenworth)
The Ram (Leavenworth)
Turbulence (Leavenworth)
Book of Nightmares (Red Rocks)
Squaminator (Squamish)
Kingslayer (Snohomish)
The Chickening (Squamish)
Trice (Flagstaff)
Trainspotting (Boulder Canyon)
Room Service (Squamish)
Trainspotting (Boulder Canyon)
The Incubator (Zillertal)
Ghost of War (Joe’s Valley)
Gentleman’s Project sit (Joe’s Valley) First Try
Black #1 (Joe’s Valley)
Woods Problem (Red Rocks)
Burnt (Red Rocks)
Meadowlark Lemon Stand (Red Rocks)
Sharma’s Arete (Red Rocks)
Crusader for Justice (Moe’s Valley)
Show of Hands sds (Moes Valley) First Ascent
Buttermilker Stand (Bishop)
Bully (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Backdoor Bearhug SDS (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
Cinderella is Dead (Ogden)
Ochre and Ashe Variation (Ogden)
Counterclockwork (Joe’s Valley)
Dark Waters (Clear Creek Canyon)
Jerimiah (Scoop)
Chimichanga (Scoop)
Euro Trash low (White Pine)
No More Greener Grasses (Mt Evans)
Halfway Crooks (Clear Creek) Flash


Shizaam Sit (Bishop)
Beefy Gecko (Bishop)
Babeurre Short (Bishop)
Standing Kill Order (Bishop)
Ebriosity (Gold Bar)
The Bubba Butt Buster (Bishop)
North of Center (Bishop)
Bubba: The Legend (Bishop)
Thunderbird (Bishop)
Beautification (Leavenworth)
Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Bishop)
Practitioner (Leavenworth)
Black Hole (Squamish)
Agoraphobia (Squamish)
Encore une Fois (Squamish)
The Egg (Squamish)
Ozzmosis (Squamish) First Try
Wet Dreams Right (Red Rocks)
Cloaca (Leavenworth)
Cage Free (Boulder Canyon)
Gentleman’s Project (Joe’s Valley) Flash
Big Joe Left (Joe’s Valley)
I Shaved My Head For This (Joe’s Valley)
Worm Turns (Joe’s Valley)
Ghost King (Joe’s Valley)
Beyond Life sit (Joe’s Valley)
Skeleton Key (Joe’s Valley)
Man from the Past (Joe’s Valley) First Try
Hell Belly (Moab)
Half Magic (Red Rocks)
Pin and Feathers (Ogden)
Sound of Silence (Joe’s Valley)
Veritas (RMNP)
Diabolique (Scoop Boulder)
Prospectors (St Vrain)
Inception (LCC)
Jared’s Roof (Castle Rocks)
Pro Series (LCC)
Dragon’s Claw (Wild Basin) Flash
Spread Eagle (Wild Basin)
Leviathan (Chaos)
AntiDihedral (Dick)


Slow dance (Bishop)
Water Hazard SDS (Bishop)
Beefcake (Bishop)
Aquatic Hitchhiker (Bishop)
Bubba Gump (Bishop)
Bubba Gets Commited (bishop)
Low Rider (Bishop)
Action Jackson (Bishop)
Center Direct (Bishop)
Acid Wash (Bishop)
Evilution to the lip (Bishop)
Cotton Pony (Leavenworth)
Little Forgotton (Bishop)
The Sharma Traverse (Bishop)
Bubba Escapes the Ward (Bishop)
Stained Glass (Bishop)
Redrum (Bishop)
Return Jedi (Bishop)
Chutzpah (Index)
Salad Shooter (Squamish)
No Troublems (Squamish)
One Zen (Squamish)
The Seam (Squamish)
Zero-Zero (Squamish)  Flash
DJ Pump Daddy (Squamish) Flash
Worm World Cave Low (Squamish) Flash
Red Wave (Red Rocks) Flash
Americana Exotica (Red Rocks)
Progressive Guy (Red Rocks)
Stake Your Claim (Red Rocks) Flash
Tim’s Traverse (Red Rocks)
Coronation (Snohomish)
Hypertrophy (Leavenworth)
Abstraction (Leavenworth)
Black Hole left (Squamish)
North ridge mini (Squamish)
The Reckoning Stand (Squamish)
Beyond Life (Joe’s Valley)
Trent’s Mom (Joe’s Valley)
Nerve Extension (Joe’s Valley) Flash
They Call Him Jordan (Joe’s Valley) Flash
We Call Him Michael (Joe’s Valley)
Fingerhut (Joe’s Valley)
Provo Gluru (Joe’s Valley)
Show of Hands (Moe’s Valley)
Pin and Feathers (Ogden)
Euro Roof Stand (White Pine)
Copperhead (LCC)
Two Ton Tongue (Chaos)
Jade Stand (Chaos)
Moulin Rouge (Clear Creek)