Sport Routes

Here is a list of routes between 5.14d/9a and 5.13c/8a+ that I’ve either onsighted, flashed or redpointed.


The Assassin (smith rocks) First Ascent
Brave New World (little si) First Ascent
Le Cadre Nouvelle (ceuse)


Just Do It (smith rocks)
New World Order (little si)
Mr. Hyde (ceuse)
Southern Smoke (red river gorge)
Lucifer (red river gorge)
Le Parte du Diable (ceuse)


Lost Horizons (little si)
Shotgun Wedding (smith rocks)
Starvation Fruit (smith rocks)
Extended Evil (little si)
Whore of Babylon (little si)
Dures Limites (ceuse)
Repeat Offender (smith rocks)
Thanatopsis (red river gorge)
Le Chronique de la Haine Ordinaiare (ceuse)
Still Life (new river gorge)
Journeyman (new river gorge)


Gods own stone (red river gorge)
Chemical Ali (smith rocks)
Mr. Yuk (smith rocks)
Scarface (smith rocks)
The Big R (smith rocks)
Slow Food (ceuse)
White Wedding *broken hold* (smith rocks)
Villain (smith rocks)
Badman (smith rocks)
Dr. Evil (little si)
Pornification (little si)
Transworld Depravity (red river gorge) FLASH
Omaha Beach (red river gorge) ONSIGHT
Chicxulub (little si) First Ascent
The Veteran (smith rocks) First Ascent
Top Gun (little si) First Ascent


Vicious fish (smith rocks)
L’ami de Tout le Monde (ceuse)
Radote jolie pepere (ceuse)
Slow Food Bis (ceuse)
Le Chirurgien du crepuscule (ceuse)
White Wedding (smith rocks)
Just Do It-start (smith rocks)
Ozone Hole (smith rocks) First Ascent
Rude Femmes (Smith Rocks)
Porn Star (little si)
Snack Attack (smith rocks) First Ascent
Ultra Perm (red river gorge)
White Man’s Shuffle (red river gorge) ONSIGHT
Last of BOHICANS (red river gorge) ONSIGHT
Fright Night (smith rocks) First Ascent
Black Friday (smith rocks) First Ascent
Wedding Crasher (smith rocks) First Ascent


Extended Illness (little si)
Flat Liner (little si)
Dolce Vita (ceuse)
Burl Master (smith rocks)
La femme blanche (ceuse) FLASH
Le poinconneur de lilas (ceuse)
L’ami caouette (ceuse)
Encore (ceuse) ONSIGHT
Sueurs froides (ceuse)
Face de Rat (ceuse) ONSIGHT
Lucky Pigeon (smith rocks)
Mama Docus (smith rocks)
Kaleidoscope (red river gorge) ONSIGHT
Pushin’ Up Daisies (red river gorge)ONSIGHT
The Madness (red river gorge) ONSIGHT

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